Kevin McGrath / Typeform

Life is too short to work on disposable products.

At this stage in my career I want to work on products that matter. Typeform has become an essential part of the toolkit for people who do business online and I want to be part of a team that has that kind of impact.

T-Shaped Designer

My favourite thing about working on SaaS products is the variety. Although I specialise in Product Design I have hands-on experience in other areas of the SaaS eco-system which has helped to make me a more effective, results driven designer.

Data Anlaysis
UX Design
UI Design
User Interviews
Community Management
Product Management

Results Driven Design

Effective design most frequently happens where business and user goals overlap. I actively seek out these opportunities so that my work can help to improve key business metrics within the organisation.


Relevant Projects

I have chosen a few projects that I think are most applicable to the role at Typeform. Please find them listed below. You can also view my full project portfolio here

New Product Validation

I learned about a new product category and validated the business opportunity through a series of research techniques. I used the 'Jobs To Be Done' methodology to interview customers and plan a product sprint. Read a detailed review of my process for this project.


Customer Surveys


Customer Interviews

Image of a person using the new Beacon Resource Library Builder

Resource Library Builder

After extensive research I led the visual design process for a new product that would ultimately increase Monthly Recurring Revenue by 40% See my work for this project.


Increase in MRR

Image of a person using a Resource Library built with Beacon

Beacon Dashboard Redesign

I undertook a comprehensive redesign of Beacon's existing product dashboard to unlock opportunities for churn reduction and revenue expansion. Read a detailed review of my process for the project.


Reduction in Support Enquiries


Expansion Revenue

Image of a person using the new Beacon dashboard